9 DIY Crafts for Fall

If you want to have your home looking like the season, make one or all of these DIY crafts for fall. These DIY craft ideas will have you crafting all season long; from DIY decorations to easy DIY craft projects, you’re covered. I’m sure you’ll enjoy these!

Fall means more fall crafts to work on! It’s the perfect time of the year to start some DIY decoration and other easy craft projects. I always take this season to find interesting DIY projects to keep me busy all season long. So if you’re also looking for some fall craft ideas, here are a few to get you started.

One Hour Harvest Wreath

Got an hour? Well if you can spare the time, you’ll have this DIY wreath hanging on your front door in no time. So if you haven’t adorned your door with a wreath, this one-hour harvest wreathis what you need to enter the season with swaggering fall leaves.

Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder

This beautiful craft only needs fall leaves, Mod Podge, a sponge brush, and clean mason jars. Apply some Mod Podge on each leaf and stick them one-by-one into the mason jar. Make sure to stick the leaves in a layer and pattern to create a style. This easy craft may take a couple of hours to dry, but when it completely dries out, you can put candles inside and watch them glow

DIY Wood Block Letters

I definitely love turning trash into treasure! These DIY wood block letters say everything about fall, it’s festive, frugal, and versatile. The DIYer provides a step-by-step tutorial with pictures, so you can do it in a breeze.

Ombre Pinecone

Paint has the power to transform something ordinary into something beautifully unique. Get some acrylic paint in three or four different shades of the same color, then in a gradient,  paint the tips of your pinecones.

DIY Mercury Glass Pumpkin

If you want your pumpkin to stand out, then you’ve to try this amazing DIY mercury glass pumpkin. You can easily recreate these lovely beauties because the tutorial comes with every detail you may ever need, and beautiful pictures to give spark your imagination.

Tin Punched Votive Candles

Spell out your gratitude with these tin punched votive candles for Thanksgiving or other fall words like “boo” or “autumn” depending on when you want to use them to decorate. That sounds like pretty amazing, unlimited possibilities – so go crazy with your creativity!

Fall Leaf Book Page Banner

The beauty of simplicity at its finest is in this fall leaf book page banner. If you love the vintage and country look, this easy fall craft is what you need to complete your fall decor.

Yarn Pumpkins

Let your kiddos little hands lend you some help making these yarn pumpkins. You can use this to make their room become more festive during the fall. Well, you can actually have this settled anywhere in your house.

Painted Acorns

Here’s another amazing fall craft which you can have a perfect opportunity to bond with your little ones: painted acorns. Fall is a perfect time to get out and enjoy nature at its best, so don’t forget to collect acorn along the way. Once you get home you can go big jazzing it with some acrylic paint, then put them in a glass bowl for a fun, festive fall flair.